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Monday, September 25, 2006

Signs of Life

We have movement! Just recently on Sunday the 17th, I really and truly felt movement. I almost woke Brian up but decided to wait considering it was very slight and not regular. It was just last night, however, that after laying very still with his hand on my belly for about 20 minutes that he felt something. I was really excited for him - I thought it would be a few weeks before it was strong enough for him to notice. It was still very little, but it was enough.
This makes it so much more real - not that everything else has been 'unreal,' but this gives it a new perspective. Now let's just wait and see how drastically different the motion feels after the baby is big enough to be practicing gymnastics! I'll be longing for the little-almost unnoticable because they could be mistaken for gas bubbles-movement!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Boy or Girl?

Tomorrow makes 2 weeks and counting until we get to go find out what our new addition will be. I'm so excited I can't stand myself. I feel like once we know I can finally start planning stuff. Now watch, the baby will be shy and we still won't know what it is!
I was surprised that I didn't know how detailed the sonograms had gotten. (There's that mommy-stupidity again.) I had no idea that they were going to look at the baby's heart, lungs, brain, spine, etc... I guess I shouldn't be surprised since they're doing more and more incredible things with technology these days.
I've never really thought about having a "theme," but I think I've decided that would be nice after all. I would like to do puppy-dogs for a little boy and butterflies for a little girl. My personal favorite growing up was horses, and my room was littered with My Little Ponies and anything horse-related, but I guess we'll have to wait until the baby/toddler/preschooler is old enough to voice their own preferences! For now, they're stuck with mine! (mommy privilege, you know.)

Crazy Cravings

I've heard of some really weird cravings - and I'm not talking about pickles and ice cream, but things like dirt and soap. Fortunately, I've suffered no such thing (hallelujah), and I've found that as far as really craving something that I absolutely had to have, well, I really haven't.
So far, there have only been a few things I've wanted more than ordinary. Cheese is one - pasta with cheese, Mexican food w/ cheese, sandwiches with lots of melted cheese... preferably all white cheeses. Strawberries is another. I tend to be picky about strawberries; they have to be fresh and I prefer them ripe but not getting soft. Slice them up with a little sugar on top...Yum! (I figure that as long as I don't overdo the sugar I'm not losing too much of the healthy benefit of the fruit!)
I practically lived on anything with cinnamon in it for the first few months - my doctor suggested trying it to help with morning sickness. I never was terribly sick, so I don't know for sure how well it helped, but I tried apple-cinnamon nutrigrain bars, cinnamon gum, cinnamon candy, cinnamon Life cereal, you name it. I'm a little over cinnamon for now!
pregnancy cravings

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tips for New Moms

One thing you'll probably find is that many people want to put their two cents in about how you should live during the 9 months of your pregnancy. (I'm sure even beyond that, but that's another post for another day.) Out of all the advice and tips you'll get, there may actually be some that you can agree with and really put into use.
One of the best I've heard so far is "don't let anyone else tell you how to do it - it's your body and your child." There's also a lot of great advice on the web - and considering it's so impersonal, if you don't agree with it, you can close the window and never look at it again without worrying about it calling back to nag you! Other than the basic baby sites, check out other women's blogs to see what they have to say - but be ready to weed through some possibly crazy stuff. Use your head and if it's questionable, ask your doctor.
Here are a few posts I thought were worth checking out:
10 tips for 1st time moms, I'm the bad mommy, and Baby Advice from Everyone

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Personal Space

You know, I'm a very "personal" person when it comes to things like personal space and personal issues. That's one reason I was a little nervous about this whole pregnancy thing - not because of the being pregnant part, but because of the fact that complete strangers seem to think it's okay to touch your belly, comment on your weight, and give you advice or criticism. But you know, a funny thing has happened since I've told people, and now that I'm starting to really show. Despite all that I've heard from others, I really haven't run into any stranger who wants to rub my belly or give me advice. And of the very few people who have felt the need to touch, most all have asked, and all have been either co-workers whom I feel comfortable with or ladies from church.
Thankfully, another rumor that I was afraid would come true was that I would hear of all the things that could go wrong, or all the terrible experiences other women have had. I've been very encouraged that it seems that most everyone wants to help me not to worry. (And considering how good I am at worrying, I don't need other peoples's help!) I've had women tell me about how wonderful their pregnancies were, and even if they did experience difficulties, it all worked out and they'd do it all again.
I'm glad to find that while I thought I was going to be especially rigid on this, I've loosened up and don't mind sharing some of the things I thought would be too personal to share. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sharing "personal" details, but sharing and answering questions isn't as painful as I thought it'd be!

Monday, September 11, 2006

4 month check-up

Well, we've made it to the 4 month mark and so far so good! Every time we have an appointment I can't help but be SO relieved to hear that little monitor making the weird swishing noises that's the baby's heartbeat. I told my doctor that since I'm over the morning sickness (Hallelujah) and am not yet feeling any movement, that these visits to tell me that things are still going okay are a big encouragement. (check out the website linked to the title for more info on what the baby is doing - neat stuff!)
The neat thing is, the next time we go back, we get to have the ultrasound to tell us what the baby is (assuming it's not shy or uncooperative), and we also get to check out how it's growing internally. I had no idea that they were going to check out the heart, lungs, kidneys, spine, and brain. How neat! I figured an appointment with that detailed of a sonogram would take forever, so I asked how long it would take. The doctor said, "yeah, it will be a little longer visit. It will probably take about 20 to 30 minutes." I was expecting over an hour! (The longest part of the visits always seem to be the waiting!)
So far, all my visits - except the first one - have been something along these lines:
go in, sit in a waiting room, get called back, pee in a cup, take blood pressure, weigh in, sit in a room and wait, the doctor comes in, checks my ankles for swelling, asks how I'm feeling and if I'm still taking my vitamins, if I have any questions, then he checks for the baby's heartbeat, we listen to it for a minute or two while he sees what the rate is, then we schedule our next appointment and leave. Not much for usually about an hour and a half of your work day! :)
Not that I'm complaining... like I said, I'm just glad to have a doctor reassure me that everything is going the way it should!
Anyway, just wanted to give an update on what our "report" was from the doctor. (But don't ask me about my weight - the nurse said I had nothing to worry about - yet - so I won't!) But just to give you an idea since I don't have any pictures to post yet, the doctor did comment that all the muscle aches I'm feeling is because I'm "all up front!" (I hope that means my butt won't get any bigger...)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

That big already?

One thing I've learned very quickly about being pregnant is that everyone is different. (That, and they don’t make maternity clothes for short-legged women.) Apparently one thing that differs greatly is the size of a woman’s belly, how big it gets, and how quickly it gets that way.
Although I didn't tell my office until I was about 3 months along, I thought I hid it pretty well, and was rewarded later by some ladies asking, well, how I hid it so well. Others, however, remarked that they had begun to suspect. (sigh)
The ironic thing was that through all that time while I was beginning to show a little and still trying to hide it is that my husband kept telling me that "it's obvious" and that he was sure that "everyone noticed" something was up. Not what I wanted to hear. Call it denial, but I kept holding onto hope that I was concealing it well.
My payback has come now that my coworkers have known for a couple of weeks and I've begun getting comments about how now that I've told them I'm really showing and that I must have been wearing a corset to hold it all in. Now, granted, that makes me feel like I must be huge already, but at least it makes me feel like I did okay in hiding it - at least from a majority of people. Mark one up for baggy shirts!
One thing I looked for online was "when do you start to show in pregnancy." Guess what I found? Absolutely nothing. My sister, with her first, didn't really show much until she was 5 months into her pregnancy - maybe we can mark it up to her baggy clothes and the fact that we didn't see her much. A family at my church told me that their daughter-in-law didn't have to wear maternity clothes until she was 6 months. (I've been wearing maternity pants for almost 3 months now.) Talk about feeling like I’m ahead of schedule!
I guess the important thing I’ve learned from all this is that 1. it really doesn’t matter when you start to show as long as your doctor tells you you’re healthy, 2. during pregnancy, although it’s important to eat healthy and continue to exercise moderately, it’s now about the baby, not about having the ideal body, 3. maternity clothes really can be comfortable and during pregnancy, comfort is a must, and 4. you just can’t fool some people.

Mommy Stupidity?

You know, I've been so disappointed in myself over the last 4 months - and I'm sure I will become more so as the time goes by. There is so much about having a baby that I didn't know and don't understand - I feel so ignorant! I thought I knew what was up and figured that hey, I'm a woman, so I know what's going on with a woman's body, but I'm finding out there's so much more to it that I ever knew!
One of my favorite resources, and one that's really popular, is BabyCenter.com. They offer everything from info on what to eat, what to expect, what is "normal," to links for shopping. One thing I really enjoy is their weekly updates.
As a newly expectant mom, you can subscribe to receive weekly updates on how your baby is growing, what it's doing, what your body is doing, and what you can expect. It's really neat to get information on the baby, not to mention to be reassured that the weird twinges and pains you feel are normal!
They also offer a place for readers to comment, so you can get personal info, advice and insight from other ladies going through the same thing.
Because of my self-proclaimed ignorance on this new stage in my life, I'm always on the lookout for new places of info, so I'll keep you posted if anything else catches my eye - or let me know if you have a reliable source!

First Clemmer-baby entry

Welcome everyone! I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and after a lot of painful soul-searching, (and mostly now that I've finally had a friend show me how easy this is,) here we are online! I thought this would be a good way to keep people up to date on what is going on with the Clemmer family here in VA as we wait for our new arrival in February. There's also so much information that I'm finding out and so many questions I've found that I have, I thought this might be a good resource or at least offer a little comfort to other people out there waiting for the 9 months (really 10 - but I'll talk about that later) to be over.
I don't get to talk to most of my family and friends nearly as often as I'd like, so maybe this will help fill in the gaps between times. I've been surprised - in a good way - throughout the last 4 months about how pregnancy has affected myself and those around me. Fortunately, I never did have to suffer serious, or even what I would consider bad, morning sickness. Now that I'm 4 months into it, I'm pleased to say that other than a few inconveniences (like waking up at 2:30 or 4 in the morning to go to the bathroom), I'm feeling good and enjoying this experience.
It's amazing to me how different every pregnancy is. I suppose that's only fair considering how different people are in general. My sister's first baby gave her really no problems, and I was there when he was born. She made it look like a breeze! I thought, if she can do it, so can I. (Which was a great thing for me, because up until then I got nauseous just thinking about going into labor!) But her second one, she was sick, she had a lot of round ligament pain - which I was to learn a little about myself later - and then at the end had to have an emergency C-section.
Another girlfriend said she'd never felt better or more healthy than while she was pregnant. So I guess these next few months will be interesting to say the least!
So be sure to bookmark this page and check back every so often for new updates and info. Let's enjoy this wild ride - February will be here before I know it and then the real fun begins!