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Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Clemmer-baby entry

Welcome everyone! I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and after a lot of painful soul-searching, (and mostly now that I've finally had a friend show me how easy this is,) here we are online! I thought this would be a good way to keep people up to date on what is going on with the Clemmer family here in VA as we wait for our new arrival in February. There's also so much information that I'm finding out and so many questions I've found that I have, I thought this might be a good resource or at least offer a little comfort to other people out there waiting for the 9 months (really 10 - but I'll talk about that later) to be over.
I don't get to talk to most of my family and friends nearly as often as I'd like, so maybe this will help fill in the gaps between times. I've been surprised - in a good way - throughout the last 4 months about how pregnancy has affected myself and those around me. Fortunately, I never did have to suffer serious, or even what I would consider bad, morning sickness. Now that I'm 4 months into it, I'm pleased to say that other than a few inconveniences (like waking up at 2:30 or 4 in the morning to go to the bathroom), I'm feeling good and enjoying this experience.
It's amazing to me how different every pregnancy is. I suppose that's only fair considering how different people are in general. My sister's first baby gave her really no problems, and I was there when he was born. She made it look like a breeze! I thought, if she can do it, so can I. (Which was a great thing for me, because up until then I got nauseous just thinking about going into labor!) But her second one, she was sick, she had a lot of round ligament pain - which I was to learn a little about myself later - and then at the end had to have an emergency C-section.
Another girlfriend said she'd never felt better or more healthy than while she was pregnant. So I guess these next few months will be interesting to say the least!
So be sure to bookmark this page and check back every so often for new updates and info. Let's enjoy this wild ride - February will be here before I know it and then the real fun begins!


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