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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mommy Stupidity?

You know, I've been so disappointed in myself over the last 4 months - and I'm sure I will become more so as the time goes by. There is so much about having a baby that I didn't know and don't understand - I feel so ignorant! I thought I knew what was up and figured that hey, I'm a woman, so I know what's going on with a woman's body, but I'm finding out there's so much more to it that I ever knew!
One of my favorite resources, and one that's really popular, is BabyCenter.com. They offer everything from info on what to eat, what to expect, what is "normal," to links for shopping. One thing I really enjoy is their weekly updates.
As a newly expectant mom, you can subscribe to receive weekly updates on how your baby is growing, what it's doing, what your body is doing, and what you can expect. It's really neat to get information on the baby, not to mention to be reassured that the weird twinges and pains you feel are normal!
They also offer a place for readers to comment, so you can get personal info, advice and insight from other ladies going through the same thing.
Because of my self-proclaimed ignorance on this new stage in my life, I'm always on the lookout for new places of info, so I'll keep you posted if anything else catches my eye - or let me know if you have a reliable source!


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