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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Personal Space

You know, I'm a very "personal" person when it comes to things like personal space and personal issues. That's one reason I was a little nervous about this whole pregnancy thing - not because of the being pregnant part, but because of the fact that complete strangers seem to think it's okay to touch your belly, comment on your weight, and give you advice or criticism. But you know, a funny thing has happened since I've told people, and now that I'm starting to really show. Despite all that I've heard from others, I really haven't run into any stranger who wants to rub my belly or give me advice. And of the very few people who have felt the need to touch, most all have asked, and all have been either co-workers whom I feel comfortable with or ladies from church.
Thankfully, another rumor that I was afraid would come true was that I would hear of all the things that could go wrong, or all the terrible experiences other women have had. I've been very encouraged that it seems that most everyone wants to help me not to worry. (And considering how good I am at worrying, I don't need other peoples's help!) I've had women tell me about how wonderful their pregnancies were, and even if they did experience difficulties, it all worked out and they'd do it all again.
I'm glad to find that while I thought I was going to be especially rigid on this, I've loosened up and don't mind sharing some of the things I thought would be too personal to share. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sharing "personal" details, but sharing and answering questions isn't as painful as I thought it'd be!


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