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Monday, September 25, 2006

Signs of Life

We have movement! Just recently on Sunday the 17th, I really and truly felt movement. I almost woke Brian up but decided to wait considering it was very slight and not regular. It was just last night, however, that after laying very still with his hand on my belly for about 20 minutes that he felt something. I was really excited for him - I thought it would be a few weeks before it was strong enough for him to notice. It was still very little, but it was enough.
This makes it so much more real - not that everything else has been 'unreal,' but this gives it a new perspective. Now let's just wait and see how drastically different the motion feels after the baby is big enough to be practicing gymnastics! I'll be longing for the little-almost unnoticable because they could be mistaken for gas bubbles-movement!


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