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Thursday, September 07, 2006

That big already?

One thing I've learned very quickly about being pregnant is that everyone is different. (That, and they don’t make maternity clothes for short-legged women.) Apparently one thing that differs greatly is the size of a woman’s belly, how big it gets, and how quickly it gets that way.
Although I didn't tell my office until I was about 3 months along, I thought I hid it pretty well, and was rewarded later by some ladies asking, well, how I hid it so well. Others, however, remarked that they had begun to suspect. (sigh)
The ironic thing was that through all that time while I was beginning to show a little and still trying to hide it is that my husband kept telling me that "it's obvious" and that he was sure that "everyone noticed" something was up. Not what I wanted to hear. Call it denial, but I kept holding onto hope that I was concealing it well.
My payback has come now that my coworkers have known for a couple of weeks and I've begun getting comments about how now that I've told them I'm really showing and that I must have been wearing a corset to hold it all in. Now, granted, that makes me feel like I must be huge already, but at least it makes me feel like I did okay in hiding it - at least from a majority of people. Mark one up for baggy shirts!
One thing I looked for online was "when do you start to show in pregnancy." Guess what I found? Absolutely nothing. My sister, with her first, didn't really show much until she was 5 months into her pregnancy - maybe we can mark it up to her baggy clothes and the fact that we didn't see her much. A family at my church told me that their daughter-in-law didn't have to wear maternity clothes until she was 6 months. (I've been wearing maternity pants for almost 3 months now.) Talk about feeling like I’m ahead of schedule!
I guess the important thing I’ve learned from all this is that 1. it really doesn’t matter when you start to show as long as your doctor tells you you’re healthy, 2. during pregnancy, although it’s important to eat healthy and continue to exercise moderately, it’s now about the baby, not about having the ideal body, 3. maternity clothes really can be comfortable and during pregnancy, comfort is a must, and 4. you just can’t fool some people.


  • At 7:20 AM, Blogger Fields of Heather said…

    We are all different-don't worry! Somehow, five of us at our firm have managed to become pregnant within two months, and we are all so different- one of us has been sick all along, and began showing a lot at 2 months, to me lagging in last, not a bit of nausea and just showing at about 4 1/2 months. It just goes to show there are no rules!


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