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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bargain baby shopping

This past weekend, a girlfriend of mine called to let me know that a consignment baby sale was ending and that Saturday was going to be 50% off and Sunday was going to drop to 75% off. Typically I try not to shop on Sunday, but I really couldn't pass this up!

She knew I had been looking for a co-sleeper - something I'd seen in magazines but not in any stores. You know what that means - expensive! She called Friday to tell me that they had one - in good shape - for $90. That meant that I could go on Saturday and pick it up for $45. That's a deal if I ever heard of one! I met her there on Saturday AM shortly after they opened. I even got Brian out of bed to go with me. We didn't have to look at it long to decide to go ahead and pick it up. I hated to do that, knowing that Sunday it would be an additional 25% off, but we didn't want to risk it not being there.

There were a few other items we picked up while we were there, but we mostly looked around and I planned to go back after church on Sunday. They didn't open until 1, so that gave me plenty of time to get there after church. The funny thing was that I have only rarely been anywhere early enough to stand in line, but I stood outside with a growing group of other women for about 20 minutes waiting for them to open the doors!

But it was worth it. In the end, my mom and sister met me there and we really got some great deals. I had seen a baby swing there that was marked at $24 that, even though it wasn't the one I really wanted, at 75% off was like $6, so I picked it up to have for the basement. And, if we don't get the one we register for, we can use this one to make due until we can afford it. I also picked up a glider/rocker with a matching ottoman for $10 - can you believe $10? It's not an awesome one; it needs to be washed pretty seriously, and it's certainly not as nice as the almost $400 set we want that reclines and locks positions and everything, but it's definitely more financially practical. And again, it gives us something to make due until we can get what we really want.

I can't wait until their sale next year - apparently they do this twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. What an awesome way to save money!


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