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Friday, October 20, 2006

Battling breast rejection in public

(With apologies to my sister)
I have several girlfriends, as well as my sister, who have chosen to breastfeed their babies. Although most of them make is look so easy it's second nature, granted one of them has 4 children, I wonder just how easy it really will be... My sister breastfed her first for a month or two, and now that she's just had her second (a July 4th baby), she's decided to breastfeed him as well.

He's now a little over 4 months old and is still breastfed exclusively. From what I understand, he is the typical hungry boy at home, but when we go out it becomes a different story. For whatever the reason, he gets over-excited and won't nurse properly. I guess maybe it's just the temperament of the baby, the same way one of my girlfriend's babies will sleep anywhere but the other won't go to bed unless she's at home in her own bed. However, I was pleased to find that it's not an unusual occurrence for a baby to be distracted while out of their regular setting.

A post of the breastfeeding 1-2-3 blog poses a question from a woman who has a baby who is uncooperative in public. Angela's response is practical and encouraging - and helps give me a glimpse of what I might have in store. As much as I want encouragement that everything is going to go smoothly and I'm going to be an awesome parent, it's nice to have realistic reminders every now and then... And in the meantime, maybe my sister can try out some of her suggestions and let me know if anything helps!


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