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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Beginning to baby-proof

With the days flying by, I've started to realize that the bulk of my 9-month wait is nearing an end. Although I'm not yet worried that we don't have a nursery set up (we plan to use a co-sleeper in our room for the first few months), I have begun to realize that we've done nothing to baby-proof our house, or our stuff. Granted, it will be many months before our baby is crawling into places that need attention, but having my 3-year-old nephew over more and more often really shows me how much we haven't thought of.

Okay, so we've got some of the basics down - I mean, who hasn't heard of the outlet covers or cabinet locks? But, no one told us when we bought new furniture that we may want to consider how sharp the edges of our coffee table was, or how fragile the decorative edging on our sofa table would be beneath a toddler's fingers. Oh, and honey, you know that "universal remote?" Now would be a good time to start programming it so we don't have multiple remotes laying out. I've found that nothing calls a 3-year-old's name like a remote (or anything with buttons for that matter! )

So far, our to-do list keeps growing. I have to make a cover for our death-trap of a coffee table and clean the table edge guard I got at a baby consignment shop and pray it fits our table. We have to buy enough baby gate to surround our TV and media center to keep busy fingers at bay. And let's not even get started on the mess we have to clean up and get out of the way! Right now it works when we have company to simply close the door to certain rooms, and I suppose that until we have a walking, door-opening child we can continue that tradition... but something tells me that won't work forever.

One thing we learned real quick with a new puppy years ago was that if it’s laying out, it’s fair game. Since she’s now almost 7 years old, she’s gotten better about knowing what’s hers and what’s not, but maybe we’ll have to go back to that rule – if we leave it laying out, we can’t complain if something happens to it.

No, the real fun part will begin when we start the battle of, "No, you don't touch that. That's mommy's stuff." Or, in our case it will most likely be "daddy's stuff." There's just something about computer parts, all those wires and cords and buttons that really say "play with me!" Of course I'm sure that craft supplies - like markers, stamp pads, glitter, glue and yarn - will all be temptations as well. I really don't want to keep our craft and computer rooms on lockdown, but short of installing an alarm system to let us know when our kids are getting into our stuff, what can we do? I know that in theory, if you teach your children respect and they learn to really obey you, this shouldn't be a problem, but come on, I'm trying to be realistic. There are going to be times, especially in the early years, when it just doesn’t work the way you think it should.

I plan to get some Rubbermaid stackable drawers from Wal-mart for my craft room. I know that will help me personally with organization, but just how child-proof they are has yet to be seen. My husband is on his own when it comes to protecting his stuff. I try to mess with the computer "stuff" as little as possible. As for my craft supplies, I wonder if they sell Rubbermaid with locks...


  • At 6:21 AM, Blogger PuffaStogie said…

    Austin, as big as he is still loves when something 'breaks' and i give to him to further destroy. He has taken apart piece by piece hard drives and short wave radios even a microphone that came with a karaoke {that he never used} oh yea, and baby proofing, i wish i had a photo of the 'shiner' that baby Aus got on a corner of an end table at 'grannys' house, Kathy's moms place. It was a beauty!
    One of my prize stereo speakers got ran into with a 'little tyke' car and the lower bass speaker shattered!! ahhh the memories...

  • At 11:59 AM, Blogger Brianne said…

    And, Oh, the things Brian has to look forward to! I guess he'll have to learn to keep HIS toys off the floor and out of finger-tip reach! :)

  • At 2:01 PM, Blogger Kelly said…

    Don't worry. YOu have a few months of playing with the little one on the floor to ge tthings in order. Thanks goodness they don't come out crawling :)


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