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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fat and Happy!

You know, it's amazing to me that even though the whole experience of pregnancy is that a baby is growing inside you, some people feel the need to point out how big you're getting. As if that wasn't the point! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about my added weight - I'm rather excited about my expanding waistline - it's a reminder of a little boy that I can't wait to meet!

But still, it's hard to hear someone call you fat - even when you've got the excuse of being pregnant. I can't imagine that they'd feel it was okay to say that to someone who wasn't... it would be considered insensitive. So why is it okay to say it to a pregnant woman who's hormones are crazier than they've ever been? (I saw on a medical show that you create more hormones in the 9 months of pregnancy than you would in living 150 years without being pregnant - that's a pretty good reason to be hormonal if you ask me!)

Even with all the comments, I have to say that only a few have bothered me, and I know that none of them were meant to be hurtful. Although it is hard to forget the world's standard of "beautiful," I'm reminded often through BSF, church, small groups, and friends that man may look at the outside but God looks at the inside.

Check out the blog at For Better or For Worse called "I'm so Beautiful" - I thought this was a wonderful testimony to the innocence of children and also gave me a sense of sadness that our daughters (and sons) lose this to the world over time.


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