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Monday, November 27, 2006

Baby class

Well, this week is the half-way point in our baby class - we're almost done! Does that mean that we're officially prepared to have a baby? :) Somehow, I don't think so...

I've really enjoyed the class so far. Our teacher is awesome, she really is very encouraging and has made me feel a lot more at ease about the whole labor = pain thing. Last week we found out that we've got a certified massage therapist in our class. Pretty nifty. He offered to bring in copies of some of his relaxation CDs and even gave one of the fathers-to-be a massage to demonstrate how he could help his wife. Let's just see if we're all standing in line for our turns this week!

Other than the fact that I'm not finding the time (i.e. I'm not making the time) to finish our reading assignments, I think we're both getting a lot out of the classes. Oh, except maybe the practice we're supposed to be doing at home... somehow we just don't think about breathing exercises any other time than at class. Hope that doesn't come back to bite us later!


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