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Monday, December 04, 2006

My nephew's baby dedication

My sister and her husband just recently had their two boys dedicated to the church. It was a very special occasion and it made me look forward to the day when Brian and I can do the same for Seth. Our own church has a baby dedication service, but it's more of a group thing, where new parents come and bring their children to the front for a brief part of the service one Sunday morning. This is nice, and it's great to see the people willing to do this in front of the church body, but I really appreciated the specialness (is that a word?) of the service my parent's church had to it.

Not only was the service a separate service from the main Sunday worship service, but it was a service specifically focused on my two nephews. This personal touch really made a difference. It was nice to see the family and friends that turned out for the occasion to support my sister and her husband and their two boys - to really show their love and support for their family.

The service was relatively short, and afterwards we had a small reception for people to visit. I wish I could say that we did better at mingling the two families, but that wouldn't be true. Even still it was a nice evening and I can't wait for our turn!


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