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Monday, December 18, 2006

Office Christmas Parties

Gearing up for the holiday season means... yep, office Christmas parties. This year, that meant two dinners at a local ritzy hotel and a chance to get all dressed up! Okay, for Brian this isn’t a big deal since he has to dress for work every day, but it was fun for me. Okay, so this year it was a little harder than it usually is, but hey, at 7 months pregnant, I don’t think it was too bad.

I found this teal dress on sale at a local consignment shop when I had just found out I was expecting. It was beautiful, and the tags were still on it – it had never been worn! I knew I had the Christmas events coming up, and I took the chance that it would fit. Fortunately it did, and I decided to wear it to Brian’s office Christmas party. It was a really cute dress, and I finally found some shoes that worked with the dress as well as my feet! Although I have to say that it took a little bit to get used to flats…

Brian’s office party was fun, even though I didn’t know a lot of people to talk to. They had karaoke and dancing, and the food was pretty good – different, but good. I was surprised that we actually stayed the whole time.

My office party was nice, I enjoyed it because I got to see all my co-workers all dressed up and in a non-work setting. Dinner was nice, and they had a live band that was pretty good. The only problem was that the music was so loud you couldn’t visit. For my party the invitation said “business casual,” so I decided against the dressy dress and went with a pants and sweater combo, but wore the same cute pixy-like shoes. I’ve decided I really like those shoes! I got so many compliments on my hair, and that’s always great, and it was so nice to get dressed up. My co-workers don’t get to see me done up much! I hate that we didn’t stay late, but Brian was working on the start of a cold, so we left around 9:30 or so, but we had been there for about 3 hours.

Now we just have one more dinner to go to, this Thursday, for his Board of Director’s meeting, so we’ll get to enjoy one more fancy – and free – meal. I love the holidays!


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