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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Baby love

Even after 3 months I still can't believe how much love you can have for one person! Seth is growing and changing every day. Even when he cries he's adorable. And I'm in SO much trouble when he's old enough to realize that those big crocodile tears just tear his mommy's heart...

We've recently borrowed a free-standing jumper from one of my friends and he absolutely loves it. Now we've got to get one of our own... :) It has a little blue kangaroo in the front that bounces around when he does, and there are lights and music that go off when he bounces it just right. He sits in it and wiggles just enough to set it off and he'll laugh and giggle, he smiles and just loves it! It's so much fun to watch... (it's also nice that it keeps him busy for a little bit so I can get some housework done!) I'll post a picture of him in it once I get a chance to clean off my camera's memory and get one!


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