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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Growing boy

It's wrong I tell you, wrong! I've already started having to go through Seth's clothes to pull out the ones that no longer fit. His cute little sleepers (which I LOVE) - you know the ones with the feet? - they are pulling tight in the legs and the ankles. Some of his onesies are tight at the bottom snaps. I put a cute shorts and t-shirt set on him today and decided that it has to go in the no-wear pile because the shirt would never meet the top of his shorts...

It's funny. Brian comes home from work sometimes and says "he's changed since this morning!" I don't really notice as much since I'm with him all day every day, but it's moments like this that it really occurs to me how much he has grown over these past three months - and how quickly he is changing...

Just recently he's started grabbing on to toys. He's still not really "reaching" for things, but the hanging toys that hang on his carseat or his bouncy seat, and sometimes on his jumper - anyway, the toys that hang in his face, he will sometimes grab onto those. It's so neat to see him learning new things and gaining new skills. My little boy is growing up! Who told him he could do that?!?


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