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Monday, April 02, 2007

Sweet Seth

I just had to share a few shots we've taken recently. Here is Seth in his daddy's Nintendo game carrier. He fit in it so well... I'm not sure exactly how he ended up in it, but once he was there we couldn't pass up the photo op.

Here's two shots of our sweet little guy from just last night. Brian was getting ready to change him and get him ready for bed, and somehow the outfit didn't quite make it all the way off of his head.
I got to looking at him and though he looked like the little Dutch girl with her hair flipped out on the sides - Not that I think he looks anything like a little girl!!! But with the way the feet on his outfit are flipped out to the sides, anyway, I just thought it was cute. And look at the absolutely adorable face he's making in the second picture.
You've got to wonder what they're thinking!


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