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Monday, July 21, 2008

Say Please!

Seth already has a few words that come out regularly - his favorite of which is "ball." Also in his repertoire are: up, daddy, mommy, doggie, uh-oh, Keith (his cousin's name), gall gone (all gone), yum yum, and arf-arf (he calls our dog this a lot). Last night, however, he added a new one that just thrilled us to pieces. "Peas!" he said, as he pointed up at his diaper bag, which he knew was filled with snacks just for him.

Even though we'd been battling with him all day to eat good food instead of snack-food, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to encourage the word, so we gave in and allowed him a few apple-cinnamon rice cakes, and after those were gone, a few animal cookies.

Although the "L" was left out, it was obvious what he was saying, and the fact that he said it in the right context without being prompted was even more gratifying. It seems like he's picking up new things every day. It's so exciting!

Also, his "pretend" skills are expanding. Yesterday in the nursery at church, he was carrying around a plastic hot dog. I told him to go put it in the microwave and he walked over to the little kitchen they have, opened the microwave door, and even pushed some buttons after closing the door. He knew what to do and did so without us showing him how. I was a little surprised he got the microwave right - seeing that the kitchen has a cabinet, a fridge, several lower cabinets, a sink, and a counter in addition to the microwave. Guess our little guy knows his way around the kitchen!

Eating with a fork!

Last Wednesday, July 16th, Seth used a fork for the first time. It was too funny, but too exciting all at the same time. I didn't bother to get him a toddler fork - those things are so blunt they wouldn't spear anything, and work more like a spoon. I know I'd rather not have him playing with a real fork, but I figured since we were right there with him we could monitor any activity that appeared to be getting a little dangerous... Sooo, thus we have begun the journey of Seth feeding himself. Well, kind of anyway. He's been feeding himself for a long time now, finger and hand-feeding, that is. He's got a very good grasp of getting the food he wants into his mouth, and an even better grasp on not getting the food he doesn't want out of it!

He's also started saying "No" with a vengeance. I believe it was actually his first word, but after a few days of saying it half-heartedly, he stopped saying it altogether, which didn't hurt my feelings in the least! But, it's back now, and he sure knows how and when to use it, which is good in the long run. At least now when he's pointing randomly at something on the table and we ask "Juice? Do you want your juice?" he can tell us definitely "No" or babble incoherently something that lets us know we've gotten it!

I do wish I had a video of him feeding himself to post here - it was really great to see. Even though I gave him a short-handled fork, it was still a little long for him, and he had to turn his wrist in a funny way to get the food into his mouth, and he needed some help to get the potatoes onto the fork in the first place, but it didn't take too long for him to get into it. He was a little grouchy when I took it away from him, but after a while, the novelty wore off he wanted to play. And, as messy as learning to eat is, I didn't need the added mess of playing to clean up!

He's also decided that sitting in a big-boy chair at the table is far better than his high chair, so he sits at the table with us when we eat. He doesn't like the cushions on the chairs though, so he pushes them off before climbing up. Yep, he climbs into the chair himself, which is great, but he's also decided recently that he now wants to climb from the chair onto the table - so we've really got to watch him!