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Friday, August 22, 2008

Dress giveaway

This is a cute little dress - and although it's a little bit advanced for what our little girl will need any time soon, there's nothing wrong with planning ahead! This blog hosts bi-weekly giveaways - which is pretty neat. Check it out for future giveaways!

Make way for pink!

So far, the only negative I can think of about having a girl this time around is that I only have little boy stuff at the house. Some of it will be okay to do double-duty - things like blankets and crib sheets don't matter if they look boy-ish for a little girl, and I don't mind using some of Seth's more generic clothes, but I have to draw the line at some of them. Such as the shirt he has that says "Ladies Man" - no way is that going on my little girl! :)

So, I'm grateful to have a girlfriend with a little girl who is willing to share some of her older clothes - although the tricky part will be seeing if the sizes and seasons match up. There are nothing but little boys in our family, so I unfortunately won't be getting hand-me-downs from my sister's kids!

It's also funny to see things differently now that I know it's going to be a girl. I was out the other day and saw a couple with a little girl - they had one of those elastic headbands with a bow on it in her hair. Considering how many people have to ask "is it a boy or a girl?" I got to thinking "is that something I want her to wear?"

Also, it was nice that Seth turned out to be a boy, since Brian and I could NOT agree on a little girls name. Sooo, we've got at least a 4 month head's up to work on it, so hopefully by the time the baby actually gets here we'll have a name picked out! (Our running joke is that when we DO pick out a name, we have to make sure it's easy to pronounce since we have a few family members that for some reason put an extra "T" sound in Seth's name, so it comes out "Steth." Go figure.

We finally know!

You know, I've been amazed at how many people seem to think that two kids are enough. As in, after two, you should be done. I can't honestly say how many we'll end up with, but two is not our cut-off point. Anyway, I've had several people lately tell me that "if it's a girl, you'll have one of each and can be done!" As if one boy and one girl make the perfect family, or as if it were to happen that we'd end up with two boys, we would need to try again until we got a girl. Oh well...

Anyway, we finally had our 20-week appointment, and our ultrasound shows that everything seems to be okay. That was the best part of the visit - to know that the baby is healthy. However, we did also find out what we're having, and many, many people will be thrilled to know that it's a girl!

It's funny, when we first found out we were pregnant the first time, I was hoping for a girl - if for no other reason than because I thought that since I am a girl, I'd know how to raise a girl better. But now that I have Seth and he is such an awesome little boy, I really had no reservations about what sex the baby was - as long as it was healthy. But now that we are having a little girl, I am excited. A little nervous considering all the emotions and drama and stuff that inevitably come with girls... :)

So, we've hit the half-way point, and there's only a few months left to go. I'm so excited!