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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The blessings of toddlers

This "parenting thing" is so exciting! It's incredibly frustrating, but very exciting. Seth's at the stage where every day he's learning something new. They say that kids can learn a lot of words in a day, even if they don't use them. We're finding this out to be true - seems like every day he'll say something that he hadn't been saying before. (Which makes us realize he's listening VERY closely... so to all those family members and friends out there who use more - um - colorful language, keep it to yourself around our kid!) I mean that in the nicest possible way - but in the most serious way too!

Just today he said "mess" - he tipped his juice cup upside down and it dribbled apple juice on him in the car. Some of his words aren't as easily translated, and we have to work at it to figure it out, but once you get what he's trying to say it's more clear. At least to us... Like "juice" and "shoes" - two words he's been saying for a while now - they sound A LOT alike. But, there are others that need no explanation. "Cheese" is one of them. That kid would eat nothing but cheese if I let him - the sliced American cheese that it.

Other little things that probably aren't a big deal - every kid does them - but it's a big deal when your own does it. Like today at lunch he was stacking his juice cup on top of the lid of his little take-out cup (that I had fortunately emptied!) He balanced them really well and didn't knock it over once. And then there's his block sorter - you know, where they put the square block in the square hole and the round block in the round hole - he's sorting some of the shapes all on his own - without prompting from us. (I admit it, I've only worked with him on this like once or twice, so it's not like I'm "teaching" him this stuff!)

Although, with his newfound learning skills and language is coming the independent streak... like today when he decided he wasn't ready to leave the post office so he laid down in the floor. Typically this isn't a big deal - you pick the kid up and off you go. But with 8 months of a baby to bend over and carry along with the squirming toddler - not so easy... and you can't just drag him out of there by his arm! (Although there are times...)

But like I said, it's so exciting and at the end of the day, so rewarding it makes even the lay-on-the-floor fits worth it. Like when he says "thank you" without being prompted. Or when he climbs up on the couch next to you just for a snuggle. And then there's the smiles... Well, you get what I'm going for!

Such a great blessing to have such an awesome kid!


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