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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween playdate party

Well, it's come and gone - and it was a blast. I decided to host a playdate at our house for Halloween so I sent the invite out to my Meetup group. We had 7 moms come (I think that's the right count) and two moms had 2 kids, so that makes 9 kids - plus Seth and myself made for 18 people in the house. It was great!

And, I'm proud to announce that I didn't have to chase Seth down to fuss at him for hitting or taking toys, okay, maybe I did have to watch him for the taking the toys thing... But believe it or not, one time when I told him to give it back he did! I'm SO proud! (Doesn't happen too often!)

I've decided that as crazy as these things may make me (Is it going to go well? Is anyone going to show up? Is my kids going to behave? Am I going to get my house clean? Will I be ready?...) I love doing them. I'm already thinking I'd like to do another one for Thanksgiving and definitely one for Christmas - but something tells me that with Kara due so close to Christmas it may not happen... Oh well, there's always next year!


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