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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I think I've lost my mind...

So, I'm really starting to think that cloth may be the way to go. I spent a little over $30 on a pack of diapers for Seth the other day and it was only for something like 94 diapers. That's only about $0.32 a diaper, BUT, for some reason, he's had two pretty serious blowouts in these (same brand as we've been using). Also, if you consider we've been buying diapers for almost 2 years, if you estimate us using say, 5 diapers a day, that comes to about 3650 diapers costing us about $1168 - and he's not showing any signs of being even close to potty training...

I've got a few friends who are doing the cloth thing and it's starting to sound like maybe it's not the headache I once thought it was. Have I lost my mind? I wish I could say that I'm trying to consider the environment, but at this point, it's strictly about the $$ - and the fact that it's better for the earth is just a nice plus!

Anyone got any brands to recommend?


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