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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pumpkin Patch visit

Since I never posted on this... well, better late than never!

We went with our family and some friends to a nearby pumpkin patch - something I think we will make a tradition - and had a blast! Seth was big enough to enjoy it, and he LOVED all the pumpkins. "BALLS!!!" he kept saying. Except for getting his feet caught in the vines that were running all over the ground, I think he enjoyed it.

It was a little hard for me - all the walking and the up and down of the actual pumpkin patch, but it was so worth it! The one thing I hate though, is that by the time we got there and picked out our pumpkins and then decided it was time to visit the food stand for some ice cream - it was ALL gone! But, I got some hot apple cider, and we did stop on the way home at a Cold Stone Creamery, which was nice.

They had a few animals in stalls for the little kids to check out - Seth enjoyed that, although it wasn't really a "petting" area. I couldn't believe how crowded it was. The last time we went was two years ago and it was kind of overcast, so it wasn't nearly as busy.

And just think - next time we go we'll have another little one with us!


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