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Monday, December 29, 2008

Seth wants one of "Those!"

Kids just crack me up... Seth has obviously noticed the changes we've been making in the house - for crying out loud, we even moved his room! But does he really understand what's goiing on? We've talked about his baby sister Kara and every night when Brian puts him to bed they say their prayers and pray for her too. So he's familiar with the name, and he definitely notices that he can't climb all over mommy like normal.

So, as we enjoy our last night as a family of 3 and get ready for our induction scheduled tomorrow, we couldn't help but get a serious kick out of Seth's response at dinner tonight...

Tonight at dinner Seth saw a family that had a baby with them. He seemed pretty excited, so Brian asked, "Do you want us to get one of those?" and Seth said "Those!" Then Brian said, "Okay, we'll get you one of those tomorrow, okay? How about that?" and Seth then replied with equal enthusiasm, "That!"

Kind of makes you wonder if he really has any idea that we ARE in fact going to get a baby, and that it won't be something that we can return! I guess he'll have a big surprise for him coming tomorrow!


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