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Friday, August 28, 2009

And so it begins...

We've started talking about one of my most dreaded aspects of parenting: potty-training. Although we agree that we don't think Seth is really ready for it yet, he's getting there, and we've begun talking to him about how big boys go to the potty and that when he's ready, he can tell us and we'll take him to the potty. Thank kind of thing. We've even had a few episodes of sitting in the bathroom with him on the potty, but I think it's more of a novelty of being naked on the little potty chair than anything.

There actually WAS one day when he did go poop in the potty, but it was more of an accident than anything. Since then, nothing. But that's okay, I'm not pushing the issue, and I'm hoping that we can get through this transition without too much of a headache. I've heard too many stories of parents who struggle and fight and threaten and plead and bribe their kids. Heaven knows I don't need another battle to fight with my kids!

However, I think we've just recently taken one more step in the direction of potty-training. Since we've begun talking with him about it, whenever I notice the tell-tale signs and ask if he wants to go to the potty, Seth has recently started telling me, "No mommy, I want to stay in here and poop!" Maybe we need to install a TV in the bathroom, although that might not be a good idea either...


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