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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey moms, do you like to write?

Check out this contest over at Parenting.com - it's asking you to write a 300 word essay (I know, who has the time or energy to write an ESSAY for crying out loud!) but hear me out - about "What motherhood means to me." At first I'm thinking, easy enough topic, but then I realize that it's a little more deep than I first gave it credit... so maybe I'll have to give this one some thought! Also, they've requested a photo to go along with your "essay." But, if you win, here's what you get per the Parenting contest info:

If you're our winner, your essay and photo will appear in the March 2010 issue of Parenting, and you'll be offered a one-week guest-blogging gig on Parenting.com. But that's not all -- you'll also receive a huge haul of Baby Björn gear, worth more than $1000!

Also something about a new movie coming out called Motherhood with Uma Thurman that looks absolutely hilarious and true to life, and a must-see for moms everywhere - but I'll let you check that out yourself! Good luck if you choose to enter! (I think I'd love to be on the panel that got to read all of the entries - that would be so interesting!)


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