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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seth's soothing words

I absolutely LOVE listening to some of the things Seth has to say. His personality is just blossoming, and to find out what' really going on in his little mind is amazing. The other day on the way home, Kara started crying. She was so tired, and hungry, that she was getting pretty riled up. Seth was asking "what's wrong, mommy?" So I just explained that she was tired and hungry. Since he had previously "helped" her eat her cheerios, he assumed I was telling him that it was his fault she was hungry and crying. (I have to remember that he takes things literally!) I had to then tell him that it wasn't his fault she was hungry, but I did ask him to talk to her and tell her it was okay.

For some reason, sometimes when she's upset, he can talk her down and she'll respond to him while she won't for me or Brian. So, he started talking to her. This is a bit of what I heard from the backseat:

"It's okay Kara. Don't cry. I'm sorry I ate all your Chex. (to which I told him it was cheerios) It was an accident (which sounds like ax-dent)" He kept saying some version of this over and over. After a bit, he added, "it's okay Kara. Mommy will save you from the monster. She save me from monster." Huh? What monster?

He just cracks me up!!!

Oh, and she did calm down and completely stopped crying. Go figure.


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