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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Loving this fall weather

I took the kids outside to play a little today and immediately felt guilty that we hadn't been outside more this year. But somehow, being outside with an infant just doesn't seem like a lot of fun to me. Pair that with Seth wanting and sometimes needing me to be with him while he plays makes it hard. But today, I put some shoes on Kara, grabbed our walking-toy and headed for the yard. Okay, more like the driveway, but it was beside the yard!

It was the perfect weather - we all had on long sleeve shirts and pants, but the sun was out, the breeze was just right, and the temperature was perfect. Kara enjoyed "standing" up in the walker, and Seth (once he got over his disappointment that I wouldn't let HIM in the walker) played on his tricycle and little play 4-wheeler. He especially liked riding them off the edge of the driveway into the leaves that have accumulated beside the house.

As I watched him play, it made me miss being little. He played in those leaves and had a blast - not even thinking about what bugs might be lurking underneath. When he sat down in them, he was interested in the leaves for the sounds they made and how they looked, not caring about dirt. He wasn't too keen on the bugs that buzzed by occasionally, but I have to say I agree - more because they were mostly all stinkbugs, and I've had more than my fill of those little nuisances this year!

I do hope we have more days like today that we can enjoy before winter really sets in. It sometimes seemed like we spent the summer in a damp kind of haze. (I'm sure it didn't help matters that Seth spent a little over a month of summer in a cast - which obviously limited our outdoor recreation!) So bring on the fall! Leaves, pumpkins, apple cider - here we come!

Seth's "work"

We went to the dollar store the other day and while we were there, Seth saw a bag of pompoms. I had previously bought him a kit from the craft store AC Moore that was a "make your own spider" thing where the body was a big, black, glittery pompom, and you glued on the pipe-cleaner legs and google eyes. He enjoyed that so much (even though daddy did all the glueing) that he just had to have the pompoms from the dollar store.

Being the bad mommy that I am, we haven't actually done anything with them yet, but he's opened the bag and takes them out several times a day to play with them. I think he especially likes the fact that we tell him not to let Kara have them! But soon, I'll have to break down and get the glue out so he can do his "work." Yep, that's what he's been saying - those pompoms are his "work!"

He's stopped several strangers to tell them all about it - and some family members and friends too! Although when he says it, it comes out more like "mom moms" instead of "pom poms" - just in case you get to hear him talk about them!

Oh, and grandparents, don't be surprised if you get a Christmas gift made with lots of glue and "mom moms!"

Check out this gorgeous girl!

Love that hair!

Friday, October 16, 2009

They're a talkative bunch!

My kids just crack me up. I can't wait to hear what little Kara is thinking once she starts to talk. So far she seems to be a big talker - she babbles all the time. She's started saying "da da" a lot, which you can imagine thrills Brian to pieces! Not really any big "ma ma's" yet. I'm still waiting though! One of my favorite "Kara-isms" is when she gets talking and starts saying "diddle diddle diddle." It's just too funny!

Seth is most definitely a talker - I have to say that at least for now he takes after his mommy - he can talk a mile a minute. Except for this new annoying habit he's developed, a kind of stutter (but not really), he can talk up a storm! His new thing seems to be that his brain is going faster than his mouth can keep up, so he throws in a few "zuz a zuz a's" in the middle of his words. Sometimes he'll even tell me "mommy, I don't know the right word!" which is adorable and sad at the same time.

He was talking to various adults tonight at our Mom2Mom's dinner, which was funny. Sometimes he can be so sociable - like he's never met a stranger. The sad part is that between his toddler-voice and the "zuz-a-zuz-a's" it can be really hard for other people (sometimes even US!) to understand him. You kind of just have to pick up on any word you can and try to expand on that!

He says the funniest things though. Just this morning, he said, "Mommy, please can I have candy? Don't say no." He was sure to cover all his bases! And as most parents can relate to, he's also a little parrot. Brian has a saying that drives me nuts - no reason really, except that he says it all the time. Seth copied him the other night, and it just cracked me up to hear this little guy mimicking his daddy's favorite response, "No doubt!" I did have to warn Brian not to teach that one to him though. I don't think I could handle both of them saying it all the time!