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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seth's "work"

We went to the dollar store the other day and while we were there, Seth saw a bag of pompoms. I had previously bought him a kit from the craft store AC Moore that was a "make your own spider" thing where the body was a big, black, glittery pompom, and you glued on the pipe-cleaner legs and google eyes. He enjoyed that so much (even though daddy did all the glueing) that he just had to have the pompoms from the dollar store.

Being the bad mommy that I am, we haven't actually done anything with them yet, but he's opened the bag and takes them out several times a day to play with them. I think he especially likes the fact that we tell him not to let Kara have them! But soon, I'll have to break down and get the glue out so he can do his "work." Yep, that's what he's been saying - those pompoms are his "work!"

He's stopped several strangers to tell them all about it - and some family members and friends too! Although when he says it, it comes out more like "mom moms" instead of "pom poms" - just in case you get to hear him talk about them!

Oh, and grandparents, don't be surprised if you get a Christmas gift made with lots of glue and "mom moms!"


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