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Friday, October 16, 2009

They're a talkative bunch!

My kids just crack me up. I can't wait to hear what little Kara is thinking once she starts to talk. So far she seems to be a big talker - she babbles all the time. She's started saying "da da" a lot, which you can imagine thrills Brian to pieces! Not really any big "ma ma's" yet. I'm still waiting though! One of my favorite "Kara-isms" is when she gets talking and starts saying "diddle diddle diddle." It's just too funny!

Seth is most definitely a talker - I have to say that at least for now he takes after his mommy - he can talk a mile a minute. Except for this new annoying habit he's developed, a kind of stutter (but not really), he can talk up a storm! His new thing seems to be that his brain is going faster than his mouth can keep up, so he throws in a few "zuz a zuz a's" in the middle of his words. Sometimes he'll even tell me "mommy, I don't know the right word!" which is adorable and sad at the same time.

He was talking to various adults tonight at our Mom2Mom's dinner, which was funny. Sometimes he can be so sociable - like he's never met a stranger. The sad part is that between his toddler-voice and the "zuz-a-zuz-a's" it can be really hard for other people (sometimes even US!) to understand him. You kind of just have to pick up on any word you can and try to expand on that!

He says the funniest things though. Just this morning, he said, "Mommy, please can I have candy? Don't say no." He was sure to cover all his bases! And as most parents can relate to, he's also a little parrot. Brian has a saying that drives me nuts - no reason really, except that he says it all the time. Seth copied him the other night, and it just cracked me up to hear this little guy mimicking his daddy's favorite response, "No doubt!" I did have to warn Brian not to teach that one to him though. I don't think I could handle both of them saying it all the time!


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