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Saturday, November 07, 2009

And following the red was the short...

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This pic is when we were in TX for a bit to visit Brian's family. We had dinner out with some old friends of Brian's and it was a great time. But, the point of posting this pic is two-fold. One, I wanted to show off my short, and I mean really short, hair. This is what happened AFTER my red-hair phase... since waiting for the red to fade out was taking so long, I had the stylist dye it back, which of course you can imagine really over-processed my hair and it was nothing but fuzzy frizz for about two weeks before I gave up and had them cut it all off. I couldn't stand it and thought it would be better to let it all grow back out naturally than try to slick it down and make it "look" nice until it grew back. So, thus began the beginning of the pixie cut. (Although I never quite got the hang of the styling or volume I was hoping for...)

The second reason for posting this pic is to show off the fact that *sometimes* Brian really does wear things that I buy him! Although, I have to admit that when I got him this shirt, it was kind of a gag since I never thought he'd actually wear it outside the house! But, he's more self-assured than I gave him credit for, or maybe he's just proud to show off that I think he's "Mr. Wonderful!"


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