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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Review of Ted Dekker's Green

I just finished reading Ted Dekker's book Green the other night and was so glad to have come to the end only to realize that now I've GOT to pick up some of his other novels as well!

When I first started reading Dekker's Circle Trilogy, I didn't know what to think. The description of Elyon's waters was a little, well, descriptive for my taste, but as I kept going in the book I was drawn in to the story and it fit rather than being superfluous as I had first thought. In the next books, the descriptions ceased pretty much all together, and now with Green they are back, but I have a better appreciation for them now.

I love how Dekker parallels our world and our problems and questions with the world of Thomas Hunter's dreams. When Thomas's son Samuel challenges Thomas's steadfast faith in Elyon, his questions are frighteningly similar to questions you hear people ask today. His bitterness and hurt due to his lost faith echoed in my mind and it shook me to realize that these questions are accurate to real life today. He says "So there is power in the heavens to affect us all; does that mean we understand it? ... If the truth is so obvious, wouldn't the whole world easily see it?" Oh how this is so true of people's wavering faith today!

Samuel talks about the state of the Circle and how time passed without seeing Elyon has worn their faith thin. "It's splitting apart inside. These rumors and speculations have spawned a dozen different groups that claim to know the full truth, and you don't even know what the truth is, isn't that right?" This mirrors our churches today!

Dekker succeeds in making spiritual warfare an actual physical presence that the Circle and Horde have to deal with on a daily basis. I greatly appreciated the representation that was woven expertly into the story. The story itself was brilliantly written, once again joining Thomas's world in "present Earth" with his new life in "future Earth."

The battle between the Circle and the Horde comes to a head in Green, and we see how the Circle is torn apart by doubt and anger. The Horde fares no better as they are blindly lead to battle, themselves fooled from within.

I can't say much about the ending without giving it away, but Dekker is right on target to say that Green now completes the circle and it can be read as either the beginning or the end. I'm not sure how I liked it, I'm still mulling it over, and probably will be fore a while - which is a great testament to the effectiveness of the story!

I would most definitely recommend this to any Dekker fan - but don't expect it to be fluff, and do expect to come away wanting more!


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