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Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Speedos" for Seth?

We went by the Goodwill today for a few minutes to kill some time. While we were there, I looked at the kid's shoes to see if I could luck out and find a pair of sandals for Seth. I'd told him we needed to get him a pair since all he has are tennis shoes and flip flops, which he doesn't walk well in.

We found a few, but none the right size. We left to run another errand and I didn't give it another thought. I thought Seth didn't either. But as we were pulling in the driveway about an hour later, Seth was very upset and telling me that we forgot his Speedos! We didn't get him Speedos and he wanted Speedos!

Took me a few minutes to figure out he was meaning that we didn't get his sandals. Where did "Speedo" come from???

THIS is why I don't play "Super-mom"

Today I was trying to get a head start on dinner, trying to be a good wife and mommy, when I was suddenly reminded why I don't normally do this... I had sent Seth to the bathroom because I had previously gotten the (stinking) impression that he needed to poop. Although he's still resistant to going poop ON the potty, I try to at least have him in the correct room!

Anyway, I was working in the kitchen when I realized more time had passed than I had meant for it to, so I went to check on him. Obviously I went first to the bathroom, which turned out to be empty. BUT, there were Seth's shorts on the floor and the toilet lit was up (we always leave it down). When I checked across the hall in Seth's room, there he was, climbing into his crib by way of his rocking chair, which was already occupied by Kara. How did SHE get in the crib???

It was only after Seth climbed into the crib and started gleefully bouncing that I realized that he only had his t-shirt on. He was completely naked from the waist down. Now at this point all I could think of was "where's the poop!?!" since I knew I had smelled something earlier. (That and "HOW did Kara get IN there?!?")

I quickly grabbed Seth and got him out of the crib, turning him around to check his butt for smears and glancing around the crib and surrounding area for traces of needed cleanup. Nothing. What is going on here???

I asked Seth where his pull-up was. "In the trashcan!" We went into the bathroom and sure enough, there it was, with tell-tale streaks in it to prove I wasn't crazy, there had been poop present. But still, no poop. So I asked the next logical question. "Seth, where's the poop?" "I flushed it in the toilet!" he said proudly. That would explain the raised toilet lid...

So apparently, my 3-year-old who refuses to actually USE the potty, knows exactly what it's for and how to use it. This is extremely frustrating. Forget the part that he finished, didn't let me know, and didn't actually wipe himself. He pooped in his pull-up, took it off, dumped it in the toilet and flushed it away, remembering to put the dirty pull-up in the trash before he went back to play. Naked.

Luckily, it wasn't a bad poop - there was barely any traces on his butt or pull-up, so I think I'm off the hook as far as cleaning up the rooms go... but still! Good grief!

And I still can't figure out how Kara got in the crib! Yes, I know Seth can climb in via the rocking chair, but it's a stretch for him, so there's no way she could have made it on her own. And even with Seth's help, I can't imagine she made it in without face-planting, which I would have heard either as it happened or after she cried about it. Oh well - that's a mystery for another day I guess!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

How fun are tissues?

I can't keep tissues out any more. Apparently she gets this from me, as my mom had a good laugh when I told her about this and showed her the picture. Who knew tissues could be so much fun?

Mawmaw and Pop's latest visit

Just recently, MawMaw and Pop came up for a short weekend visit. This time was a little different though, since Dusty and his girlfriend Lauren came with them. I was a little nervous about them coming, I was afraid they'd be bored or think our house was a disaster (which the basement really IS!) or something like that. But, the visit went really well and I can't wait to do it again. And, I'm not the only one!

Needless to say, when Pop and Mawmaw come to visit they steal the show as far as Seth's concerned, and Kara's quick to join the party! Although Kara wasn't too sure what to think of Dusty, Seth was instantly Dusty's new best friend! When we went our places and I was repeating my normal "you've GOT to hold someone's hand in the parking lot!" he was always race to hold Dusty's hand. It was too funny!

Now that the visit is over, Seth still talks about "my friends Dusty and Lauren." It's too adorable and I hope they come back with Mawmaw and Pop soon!

I do hate that I really fell down on my camera duties this visit though, and I only got a handful of pictures. Oh well, there's always next time - and what a great excuse for all 4 of them to come back again soon!

trying to decide if Dusty is friend or foe...

Eating a donut with Mawmaw. Yum!

The dreaded Pink-Eye!

Well, it finally happened. Kara got Pink Eye. I noticed it first Wednesday afternoon after getting her up from nap, so I took her in first thing Thursday morning. I felt like a really bad mommy when we got to the clinic because I was trying to rush and not shock her system too much when I got her up since it was SO early (for both of us), and I didn't turn on the light when I was getting her ready. So although I really DID dab at her eye to wipe off some of the nasty eye gunk, since it was dim, I didn't see how good a job I had done. It was also dim in the rest of the house and in the garage, so I didn't get a really good look at her until we got into the doctor's office.

Needless to say, my dab job was terrible and she was still covered in nasty crusties. Although, that may have helped her case with the doctors considering how terrible she looked! Anyway, armed with an antibiotic and eye drops, we headed home. Two days later (Saturday morning) as I get Seth up to get ready for his swimming lessons, no surprise here: he's got it too.

So, now Kara's on the upswing and poor Seth, although he looks better today, still looks like he's been crying. Most of the pink is gone, and he never had the really bad eye gunk that Kara did, but they both HATE the drops, and it's a battle twice daily (or 4 times daily if you count twice daily times two kids!) to get those drops in!

We're just waiting to see now if they "share the love" with Brian and myself, although we're both being pretty careful to wash our hands often. Although I do have an advantage over Brian - I went in to the Dr this AM feeling lousy and turns out I've got a sinus infection (no surprise there!) and got my very own antibiotics. So, if I do come down with it, the doctor told me that the antibiotics for my sinus infection should knock that right out too! So there is some good news after all! Ha ha ha!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Love those toddler conversations!

So we're at the grocery store - all 4 of us - and Seth's riding in the car part of the car buggy. All of a sudden, he starts telling us (in a rather desperate voice) "I'm not a fish!" At first we just laughed it off and told him "buddy, we know you're not a fish," but it soon became apparent that for some reason this was really important to him. So we stopped the buggy so I could lean down and ask why he thought that we thought he was a fish. He didn't really answer that question, but went on to tell me that he didn't want us to put him in the water.

By now, Brian and I are truly confused. So I asked him if the bathtub was okay, reminding him that he liked taking baths. He said yes, the bath was okay. So I asked about going to the pool for his swimming lessons, which we've been doing for a few Saturdays now. He said yes, that was okay too. So I did the only thing I could think of: I reassured him that we wouldn't put him in any water except the bathtub or the swimming pool.

Where on earth did that come from???