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Sunday, May 09, 2010

The dreaded Pink-Eye!

Well, it finally happened. Kara got Pink Eye. I noticed it first Wednesday afternoon after getting her up from nap, so I took her in first thing Thursday morning. I felt like a really bad mommy when we got to the clinic because I was trying to rush and not shock her system too much when I got her up since it was SO early (for both of us), and I didn't turn on the light when I was getting her ready. So although I really DID dab at her eye to wipe off some of the nasty eye gunk, since it was dim, I didn't see how good a job I had done. It was also dim in the rest of the house and in the garage, so I didn't get a really good look at her until we got into the doctor's office.

Needless to say, my dab job was terrible and she was still covered in nasty crusties. Although, that may have helped her case with the doctors considering how terrible she looked! Anyway, armed with an antibiotic and eye drops, we headed home. Two days later (Saturday morning) as I get Seth up to get ready for his swimming lessons, no surprise here: he's got it too.

So, now Kara's on the upswing and poor Seth, although he looks better today, still looks like he's been crying. Most of the pink is gone, and he never had the really bad eye gunk that Kara did, but they both HATE the drops, and it's a battle twice daily (or 4 times daily if you count twice daily times two kids!) to get those drops in!

We're just waiting to see now if they "share the love" with Brian and myself, although we're both being pretty careful to wash our hands often. Although I do have an advantage over Brian - I went in to the Dr this AM feeling lousy and turns out I've got a sinus infection (no surprise there!) and got my very own antibiotics. So, if I do come down with it, the doctor told me that the antibiotics for my sinus infection should knock that right out too! So there is some good news after all! Ha ha ha!


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