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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Love those toddler conversations!

So we're at the grocery store - all 4 of us - and Seth's riding in the car part of the car buggy. All of a sudden, he starts telling us (in a rather desperate voice) "I'm not a fish!" At first we just laughed it off and told him "buddy, we know you're not a fish," but it soon became apparent that for some reason this was really important to him. So we stopped the buggy so I could lean down and ask why he thought that we thought he was a fish. He didn't really answer that question, but went on to tell me that he didn't want us to put him in the water.

By now, Brian and I are truly confused. So I asked him if the bathtub was okay, reminding him that he liked taking baths. He said yes, the bath was okay. So I asked about going to the pool for his swimming lessons, which we've been doing for a few Saturdays now. He said yes, that was okay too. So I did the only thing I could think of: I reassured him that we wouldn't put him in any water except the bathtub or the swimming pool.

Where on earth did that come from???


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