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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mawmaw and Pop's latest visit

Just recently, MawMaw and Pop came up for a short weekend visit. This time was a little different though, since Dusty and his girlfriend Lauren came with them. I was a little nervous about them coming, I was afraid they'd be bored or think our house was a disaster (which the basement really IS!) or something like that. But, the visit went really well and I can't wait to do it again. And, I'm not the only one!

Needless to say, when Pop and Mawmaw come to visit they steal the show as far as Seth's concerned, and Kara's quick to join the party! Although Kara wasn't too sure what to think of Dusty, Seth was instantly Dusty's new best friend! When we went our places and I was repeating my normal "you've GOT to hold someone's hand in the parking lot!" he was always race to hold Dusty's hand. It was too funny!

Now that the visit is over, Seth still talks about "my friends Dusty and Lauren." It's too adorable and I hope they come back with Mawmaw and Pop soon!

I do hate that I really fell down on my camera duties this visit though, and I only got a handful of pictures. Oh well, there's always next time - and what a great excuse for all 4 of them to come back again soon!

trying to decide if Dusty is friend or foe...

Eating a donut with Mawmaw. Yum!


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