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Monday, March 21, 2011

Beautiful Spring Weather

We went outside today to enjoy the beautiful weather before the impending rain hits and I'm SO glad we did! Last spring/summer we didn't "do" outside too much because Kara was in an awkward stage and couldn't do too much and I was pregnant - together made for a not-so-fun time outside. And I have to say that this spring I'm really becoming an outdoor kind of person!

Not only did I get some (read a little) yard work done, but Kara got to swing, Seth played in the sand with his bucket and shovel, they both helped me pick up rocks from the yard to "build a wall" on our slowly eroding bank (I'm hoping this will be an ongoing project - probably for the next upmteen years...), we found a lizard and a frog which the kids both thought were super cool, we played "basketball" with a ball and the kiddie pool (talk about a big basket!), and just had fun in general.

Sometimes I wonder if the kids like to go outside in large part to the juice boxes they get to have... About halfway through out time outside we took a snack break and had a pack of peanut butter crackers and the kids had capri-sun juice pouches while sitting in their own personal folding chairs - which Seth informed me that they couldn't have their snack without! I'm a big fan of the juice boxes/pouches while outside because it's not as big a deal if they get squeezed outside!

It's funny how much Kara liked checking out the lizard. Seth named it Crawly, and Kara was super upset when I made her come away and leave it alone! Too cute!


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