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Friday, March 18, 2011

Our latest achievements

Well, at least Daniel has a recent achievement...

Well, so much for doing a better job of keeping the blog updated! Baby Daniel is here and is already almost 5 months old. The big news of the week for us is that he's now also rolling over, not to mention he's really going places with his wiggling and scooting and new-found rolling ability!

Seth and Kara are doing good in their roles of big brother/big sister, and they love making Daniel smile and laugh. That being said, they also hate it when he cries, and when he starts up in the car, I often have complete chaos in the backseat with Daniel crying and Seth yelling "Daannnieeelll!" as if that will help calm him down. Kara normally joins in with a few yells of her own, just for good measure - in case I don't have enough noise already. You know, I read a magazine article the other day about distracted drivers and it mentioned that parents driving young children and babies in the care were actually just as distracted while driving as say a new driver or a driver on the phone or texting. I totally buy it!


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