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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daniel (& others) update

I can't believe I've done such a poor job in keeping updates on Daniel - or anyone else for that matter! I suppose it's not secret that baby #2 doesn't get as many pictures as baby #1, and poor baby #3 and up just miss out almost entirely! Oh well, at least I've got a pretty valid excuse for not posting often. 3 kiddos sure keeps me plenty busy! And if you've met my kids, you know that's not just making excuses! :)

Seth is as inquisitive as ever. Sometimes he asks SO MANY QUESTIONS I'm about to lose my mind over trying to keep my cool and answer him. Sometimes I have to tell him it's quiet time. Kara, for what she lacks in size compared to her big brother, she makes up for in volume! She has a set of lungs and buddy, she knows how to use them!

Daniel, well, the littlest Clemmer is holding his own at 8 months. Still no teeth, although I think I can just see a tiny sliver of white peeking out, but he sure does love to eat! I've recently introduced him to crackers and he's a BIG fan! The only problem we have with mealtimes is 1-we don't feed him fast enough or 2-he gets distracted and wants to eat sideways so he can watch everyone else!

They make me crazy, but it's still a blessing at the end of each day when we put them down to bed and Seth asks to be tucked in, Daniel smiles sweetly at me, and Kara says "mommy, I love you SO much!"


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