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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fascination with dishwasher?

What is it and my kids - specifically my boys - and their fascination with the dishwasher? I can't unload or reload without them practically crawling into it.

Let me clarify - this is mostly just for the toddler-age time-frame. Seth, now at almost 5, is almost oblivious to the thing. Daniel, on the other hand, won't let me near it in peace. Today as I was unloading it, he was underfoot as usual. The funny part about it today was not only was he just plain underfoot, but now that I've reached 7 months in my pregnancy, bending isn't always so easy. So as I attempt to clear out the dishes from the bottom drawer of the washer, I decided to try and squat to do it. Only what did I find under my bottom as I squatted? Yup, the head of a one-year-old.

Funny for me, and luckily for him I was moving slowly!

The thing that's also funny about this is when I'm trying to do dishes and Brian is home, if I ask him to try to keep him out of the kitchen, I can't seem to grasp why he doesn't understand that that means "keep him busy." Because what usually ends up happening is Brian will come and get Daniel out of the kitchen and put him down in the living room floor. Which means that it's only a minute or two before he's back in the kitchen playing in the dishwasher again. Oh well.

If only their interested in the dishwasher continued until they were old enough to load and unload it for me!


  • At 7:19 PM, Blogger Brooke said…

    Josh goes nuts over the dishwasher too!! At least he hands me the silverware when he pulls it out! I make a big deal of him being my "big helper!" Sometimes it's just easier to do it when he is out of the kitchen though!


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