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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A look at the book: If I Could Ask God Anything

I've been reading a book recently that I received to review from Thomas Nelson books called "If I Could Ask God Anything" by Kathryn Slattery. The book is filled with questions that kids can and do ask about God and the bible, and I thought it would be a good resource since I have 3, almost 4 kids. It has been an interesting read, but I have to admit that it's a bit advanced for my young crew. I've actually kind of struggled to get through it just because a lot of the issues are things that we aren't dealing with yet, although I know it will be a good book to have handy when some of these questions do start to come up - and if I've learned anything in 5 years of parenting, it's that the questions come and they don't stop!

Now that my oldest is starting to retain a lot more stuff, some of these questions addressed in the book will be great to be able to refer to. Some of the tricky things like "why can't we see God" since he's invisible and issues that kids can be so literal about are especially handy. I especially like that the book provides scripture to back up the answers, which is handy for when they ask those questions that you just aren't sure where to find the answer quickly and easily. It also gives more weight to your answer to have a biblical answer to back it up.

All that being said, it does make me realize that while this books is a handy tool, it's also just a starting place and a helpful reference, and not at all a replacement for daily study on my part as a parent, nor does it undermine the need to encourage my kids to seek out answers themselves in scripture.


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