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Monday, April 30, 2012

Lincoln at home!

So glad to have him home!!!

Lincoln's exciting week

Well, I knew things were going to be interesting and probably a little chaotic after bringing a new baby home, but one would expect things to settle down after a few weeks rather than get more crazy! But, I guess between God and Lincoln, we just didn't know to expect some more excitement... although I could have certainly done without this kind of excitement!

Tuesday afternoon, I noticed that Lincoln wasn't himself. He was really fussy and just wouldn't settle down. He wanted to eat, but then wouldn't nurse when I tried to feed him. He cried out suddenly after having settled down to nap for just a few minutes. He finally did calm down, but you could just tell he didn't feel well. It wasn't until later that night when B came home and changed him that he noticed a small knot underneath the top of his diaper, as well as some swelling in the area.

We called the Dr on call for our pediatrician's office and were advised to bring him in to the walk-in hours the next morning, which we did at 7:30AM. We left mom with the other kids, not really sure what to expect. After seeing the Dr in the office, he decided to refer us to the pediatric surgeon, whose office wasn't open yet. After sitting in the office for a bit, they were able to get them on the phone and they had an opening so we were able to go right over.

We saw the Dr there, who determined that Lincoln had an inguinal hernia that was incarcerated (the little bit of intestine that had poked through the hernia was stuck). She was able to reduce it (get the intestine back in the abdominal cavity) and she scheduled him for surgery to repair the hernia Friday morning. Before we left, she gave us instructions that if the intestines became stuck again, we would need to bring him to the ER since it would need to be dealt with quickly to prevent any damage to the tissue since the incarceration could compromise blood flow.

Well, wouldn't you know that shortly after we got home, it appeared to have become incarcerated again. We had, of course, sent mom on to work, and B had gone on to his office for a meeting as well, so it wasn't until around 5PM before we got to leave the house.

Fortunately, when we got to the ER, it was pretty empty, so we didn't have to wait long. They took us back and the same Dr we had seen at the pediatric surgery office was there. She evaluated him again and was unable to fully reduce the hernia this time, so it was decided to get him in line for surgery that night. While I said earlier that we didn't have to wait, we did do quite a bit of waiting, even after we were taken back to a room, and by now it was about 9PM. There was a last minute cancellation in the OR schedule, so they worked us in, and Lincoln was taken back to surgery at about 10PM.

The surgery took about 2 hours, during which B and I left to get some dinner. We had just started on our way back to the hospital when they called and said he was out of surgery and in recovery. We were so relieved! Having to leave our one-month old baby to be taken for surgery - however "routine" it may have been - was VERY hard for us.

B had warned me that because Lincoln had been dehydrated they couldn't get his IV line in through his hands, so he was going to come out with an IV line in his scalp. I'm glad I was warned. Although not scary, it wasn't fun to see my baby like that. We stayed with him overnight at the hospital for the two nights he was there for observation, and we all came home on Friday afternoon. We are exhausted, but doing okay.

Lincoln goes back to the surgeon on May 7th for a follow-up visit, and I'll be SO glad to get a good report!

Baby Lincoln is here!

Lincoln Davis Clemmer was born on March 24th at 8 something in the morning. B and I had just enjoyed a date night out with some very good friends that we don't see nearly often enough, and although I had been having contractions off and on all day, we decided to enjoy the night out since 1-it had been planned for weeks, 2-we had sitters lined up, 3-I desperately wanted a night out and to see the movie we went to (The Hunger Games) and 4-there was no telling if I was in REAL labor or not, and no reason to go to the hospital at that point! So, all through dinner and the movie, I kept track of my contractions which showed to be a somewhat consistent 6-7 minutes apart, and while they were enough to make me a little nervous, weren't all that uncomfortable.

After the movie, it was about midnight when we got home. After sitting and talking with my parents a while (they were the ones to keep the kids), the contractions had slowed down to 10-11 minutes apart, so we decided to send them home and go to bed ourselves. While they stayed about 9-10 minutes apart after I laid down, they began to get stronger, so after an hour or so I decided it was time to get B up. By the time we called mom back down and got loaded up to leave, they were back to about 3 minutes apart, and now I was really feeling it!

We checked in through the ER since it was the middle of the night (kind of - we left the house a little after 4). Unfortunately, because it was so late/early, we had to wait for the doctor on call to show up, which meant I couldn't get my epidural until after he had arrived and checked me out and given the okay. So it was about an hour and a half before I got any relief. Once we were settled in, the doctor estimated that we would have a baby by lunchtime, but it wasn't just a little while later when we realized it was going to be a LOT sooner than he'd initially thought, and Lincoln was born a little after 8AM.

He was 7pounds 6ounces - my smallest baby yet, and was 21" long. He is just beautiful, and looks just like his grandpa Tom, which also means he looks just like his big brother Seth!