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Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Lincoln is here!

Lincoln Davis Clemmer was born on March 24th at 8 something in the morning. B and I had just enjoyed a date night out with some very good friends that we don't see nearly often enough, and although I had been having contractions off and on all day, we decided to enjoy the night out since 1-it had been planned for weeks, 2-we had sitters lined up, 3-I desperately wanted a night out and to see the movie we went to (The Hunger Games) and 4-there was no telling if I was in REAL labor or not, and no reason to go to the hospital at that point! So, all through dinner and the movie, I kept track of my contractions which showed to be a somewhat consistent 6-7 minutes apart, and while they were enough to make me a little nervous, weren't all that uncomfortable.

After the movie, it was about midnight when we got home. After sitting and talking with my parents a while (they were the ones to keep the kids), the contractions had slowed down to 10-11 minutes apart, so we decided to send them home and go to bed ourselves. While they stayed about 9-10 minutes apart after I laid down, they began to get stronger, so after an hour or so I decided it was time to get B up. By the time we called mom back down and got loaded up to leave, they were back to about 3 minutes apart, and now I was really feeling it!

We checked in through the ER since it was the middle of the night (kind of - we left the house a little after 4). Unfortunately, because it was so late/early, we had to wait for the doctor on call to show up, which meant I couldn't get my epidural until after he had arrived and checked me out and given the okay. So it was about an hour and a half before I got any relief. Once we were settled in, the doctor estimated that we would have a baby by lunchtime, but it wasn't just a little while later when we realized it was going to be a LOT sooner than he'd initially thought, and Lincoln was born a little after 8AM.

He was 7pounds 6ounces - my smallest baby yet, and was 21" long. He is just beautiful, and looks just like his grandpa Tom, which also means he looks just like his big brother Seth!


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