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Friday, June 01, 2012

Adventures at Burger King...

Today we went to Burger King play place. One of my personal favorites... or at least it would be if I could guarantee that we'd be the only family there and they had just sanitized the entire building, but since that never seems to be the case, I'm being seriously sarcastic. Anyway, I thought it would give the kids someplace to get some of their never-ending energy out while I could sit still. Silly me.

Not only were there several other kids there, but they were all girls but one little boy who had brought in some toys with him. Some parents may be able to guess where the problems with the above statements will show up. Now, Kara was in heaven - having other little girls to play with. She never seems to have girls to team up with since in our immediate family there's boys, boys, and more boys. And for a bit, it seemed like Seth was going to have an okay time playing with the one little boy. He even shared one of his toy cars with him, which was awesome. But then it happened...

One of the wheels broke on the car the little boy was playing with and he was upset - and of course didn't want the broken one any more. Now he didn't scream or anything, but to head off any potential for problems, I instructed Seth to give him the non-broken car since it was his to begin with, which he did, but of course he was NOT happy to give it up. In a very nice gesture on the other kid's part, he DID offer Seth the first car (which was now the broken car) but of course no on wanted that one! So, now Seth begins to pout... and I feel awful about it since I made him give it up, but it wasn't his to begin with, so it seemed like the right thing to do, and now what?

When Seth finally got settled about the car issue, he went to play in the play area (which isn't that the whole reason we came anyway???) with the girls and Kara. Only problem is - the girls have now joined up and are playing a "keep away from the boy" game. Which means Seth is left out. Which means he is NOT happy. Which means more upset.

So, I make him sit down and eat, which makes sense since we DO have food after all. And he chills out. Most of the girls end up leaving and Kara goes to playing with the little boy, and she's perfectly happy to play with a broken car. Once Seth sees that you can in fact have fun with a broken toy, now he wants to play. So, after a bit, I make Kara come sit down and eat so Seth can go have a turn with the car and the little boy. Enter more/different little girls. Yep, it's going there - again.

Seth LOVES playing with other kids. What kid doesn't? Unless you're counting the kid that has a friend with them and is approached by a stranger, or a littler kid than them. Which I kind of get. But since I try SO hard to teach Seth and Kara (and soon Daniel too) to make sure everyone is included and no one gets left out (which I'm sure they don't always do), it's hard to watch other kids deliberately exclude one of them. And I get that at a certain age little girls think boys are yucky, and I get that if you're there with a friend you may want to just play with them and not someone you have no idea who they are. But try explaining that to a 5-year-old.

So we're back to square one. Seth's upset to the point of tears because the little girls are actually running from him saying "leave me alone!" and he's calling out "I'm just trying to make new friends!" As a parent, what do you do? Well, maybe it's a learning experience, but I'm not up for watching that kind of "experience" with my kids. At least not today. We packed up and left.

Funny thing is, I think at that point the other parents *finally* got the idea of what was going on and had the little girls apologize - and then, as I'm trying to herd the lot of them out the door, now everyone wants to be friendly. Go figure... And what makes it even more sad to me is that even after all that, as we're pulling out of the parking lot, Seth tells me what a good time he had. Broke my heart.

Next time I think we'll stick to the drive through.


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