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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pinterest becomes useful at last!

I love Pinterest. It's fascinating and addicting. It's got amazing ideas and tips and recipes and dream items... and I love pinning things for future reference. And in my defense, I have utilized several websites for things for the kids - such as traceables and mazes and stuff like that. So it's not been a complete waste of my time. I actually even tried a recipe from pinterest the other day, although I somehow got it completely goofed up in my mind and did it wrong, but it turned out okay anyway... (I substituted york peppermint patties for Oreo cookies - it was the color thing that threw me off. That and I just happened to have the peppermint patties really handy where the oreos were downstairs in the pantry.)

And, the other day I actually mixed up some sidewalk chalk paint for the kids from one of the pins I had re-pinned from a friend. And it was really neat! The charming Katelyn from Domestic Charm provided the recipe, and since I actually have corn starch and don't actually cook with it (yet!), it seemed a great use for it!

While mostly I'll admit it is kind of a (ahem, complete) waste of my time, it's nice to dream. And it does occasionally come in handy. I can search for recipes using a specific ingredient that I've got on hand if need be, and I found a recipe for a sore throat remedy that I've got mixing in my fridge now.

I'm also in the process of trying out a bread recipe. I've fallen in love with the bread they bring you at Longhorn Steakhouse, so I thought I'd see if I could find a recipe close to that. I found one for a 7-grain bread so it's in the kitchen in a half-mixed state as we speak. Um, type. Read. Whatever.

(currently it's in the "rest/rise" state - not what's shown in the photo, so I've got about 40 min to get a shower while the kids "rest" themselves!)

I'll let you know how both of these turn out. Hopefully. If I remember... Hey, I've got 4.5 kids and a house to run and a husband - and you all know how that goes!  :)

Oh, and I finally broke down and tried a copy-cat recipe on Pinterest for the Cheesecake Factory's Oreo Cheesecake. I made it yesterday in honor of "National Cheesecake Day." Who knew that we even had a "National Cheesecake Day?" Apparently every day is designated to a certain food... kind of interesting, although I can't imagine the weight if I celebrated every such holiday, but Oh, wouldn't it be fun? Here's how that turned out:

 I really need to get a regular round pan... although the heart shape is fun...

Seth was a fan...

Kara liked it (she said the crust was her favorite part!)

my slice (didn't last very long)

and Daniel gave it a try, and although he quickly made the cookie off the top disappear, his final verdict was that he really wasn't a fan of cheesecake. But, Seth and Kara quickly finished it off for him, so I guess that worked out okay.

So I guess my point is that while some could say Pinterest is just a big waste of time, it CAN yield good things! So, carry on and pin away! I know I will...

From Burger King to Chick-fil-a

It's funny, I was looking back on my "recent" (and yes, I use that term VERY loosely considering other than today my most recent post was a YEAR ago - yikes!) and I re-read the one about our fateful trip to BK. The one where Seth got snubbed. As much as it hurts my heart even now, and there are still times when things like that happen, I'm also encouraged to see where we are now as opposed to then.

Over the past year, we've gone as a family to Chick-fil-a several times. Mostly because we like the food pretty well, but also because it's a good place for the kids to play and *usually* isn't too nuts with the kids. At least with our late schedule we usually miss the busy "kid play" times. Anyway, more often than not, we seem to end up matching the schedule of another family in town that also has a rather large family.

The interesting thing about this is that Seth and one of theirs has really hit it off. They get along great, and whenever we got to CFA, he's excited to see if his new friend will be there. Oddly enough, even though we seem to be similar in many ways, I've never really gotten to know his parents, so we haven't gotten so far as to plan an actual play-date for the boys, which is kind of sad since I think they'd both really enjoy it. But, at this point I'm just glad for the encouragement that Seth is able to better navigate the tricky waters of childhood friends. Don't get me wrong, we still have plenty of issues with this, but it's getting better.

We've also started to attend a different church that's closer to our house than the one we previously attended, and he's found a new friend there as well. Due to the craziness that is most families summer "schedule" we have yet to get the kids together, but I've met and talked to this kid's mom and we've agreed to do so in the near future. The great thing about this family is that this little boy also has two sisters who are Kara's age, which although not necessarily, could mean "built-in friends" for Kara as well...

Daniel and Lincoln, well, they're both still in the "play beside other kids" stage enough that we're not quite into a place where they are on the lookout for good buddies to play with - but that day is coming soon. I'll be curious to see as time goes on who ends up pal-ing around with whom, and if there is any pattern to sibling friendships or if they find friends completely independent of each others friend's families. Guess we'll just have to wait and see?

It's been a while...

I've been absent for some time, mostly due to the crazy demands on my time due to having a house-full of kids as well as a work from home job, and most lately due to a new addition to the family coming at the end of this year! As hard as it is being pregnant, I think it gets a little worse with each one, if for no other reason than there's just more kids who need you and your attention!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining (mostly) but it does get exhausting. I keep getting the email updates from the "baby" website I'm a member of and lately they've been saying something to the effect of "you should be noticing a return or your energy now that you're past the first trimester..." and I keep waiting for that to be true... so far, not so much! Now granted, some of that is probably due to the fact that I can't seem to discipline myself to get into bed at a decent hour, but who wants to look too closely at that when it's just about the only time I've got to myself?  :)

So, this week is "Week 20," and we'll go in for the detailed ultrasound sometime next week. I'm excited and nervous and impatient. It's always so nice to have that behind you, where they tell you that everything looks good and all the things that parents want to hear. Oddly enough, we haven't really even discussed whether or not we'll be finding out what we're having this time around. I don't know if we both just kind of assume we will since we have will all the others. I honestly don't care what it is, but sometimes I do think it would be nice for Kara to have a sister to balance out the boy-girl ratio. Of course the girls will still be sadly outnumbered... Guess that means if I ever lose my mind and agree to get the kids a pet, it will have to be a girl? (By the way, if you know me personally and I DO ever agree to a pet, please advise me to have my head examined!)