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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

From Burger King to Chick-fil-a

It's funny, I was looking back on my "recent" (and yes, I use that term VERY loosely considering other than today my most recent post was a YEAR ago - yikes!) and I re-read the one about our fateful trip to BK. The one where Seth got snubbed. As much as it hurts my heart even now, and there are still times when things like that happen, I'm also encouraged to see where we are now as opposed to then.

Over the past year, we've gone as a family to Chick-fil-a several times. Mostly because we like the food pretty well, but also because it's a good place for the kids to play and *usually* isn't too nuts with the kids. At least with our late schedule we usually miss the busy "kid play" times. Anyway, more often than not, we seem to end up matching the schedule of another family in town that also has a rather large family.

The interesting thing about this is that Seth and one of theirs has really hit it off. They get along great, and whenever we got to CFA, he's excited to see if his new friend will be there. Oddly enough, even though we seem to be similar in many ways, I've never really gotten to know his parents, so we haven't gotten so far as to plan an actual play-date for the boys, which is kind of sad since I think they'd both really enjoy it. But, at this point I'm just glad for the encouragement that Seth is able to better navigate the tricky waters of childhood friends. Don't get me wrong, we still have plenty of issues with this, but it's getting better.

We've also started to attend a different church that's closer to our house than the one we previously attended, and he's found a new friend there as well. Due to the craziness that is most families summer "schedule" we have yet to get the kids together, but I've met and talked to this kid's mom and we've agreed to do so in the near future. The great thing about this family is that this little boy also has two sisters who are Kara's age, which although not necessarily, could mean "built-in friends" for Kara as well...

Daniel and Lincoln, well, they're both still in the "play beside other kids" stage enough that we're not quite into a place where they are on the lookout for good buddies to play with - but that day is coming soon. I'll be curious to see as time goes on who ends up pal-ing around with whom, and if there is any pattern to sibling friendships or if they find friends completely independent of each others friend's families. Guess we'll just have to wait and see?


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