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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pinterest becomes useful at last!

I love Pinterest. It's fascinating and addicting. It's got amazing ideas and tips and recipes and dream items... and I love pinning things for future reference. And in my defense, I have utilized several websites for things for the kids - such as traceables and mazes and stuff like that. So it's not been a complete waste of my time. I actually even tried a recipe from pinterest the other day, although I somehow got it completely goofed up in my mind and did it wrong, but it turned out okay anyway... (I substituted york peppermint patties for Oreo cookies - it was the color thing that threw me off. That and I just happened to have the peppermint patties really handy where the oreos were downstairs in the pantry.)

And, the other day I actually mixed up some sidewalk chalk paint for the kids from one of the pins I had re-pinned from a friend. And it was really neat! The charming Katelyn from Domestic Charm provided the recipe, and since I actually have corn starch and don't actually cook with it (yet!), it seemed a great use for it!

While mostly I'll admit it is kind of a (ahem, complete) waste of my time, it's nice to dream. And it does occasionally come in handy. I can search for recipes using a specific ingredient that I've got on hand if need be, and I found a recipe for a sore throat remedy that I've got mixing in my fridge now.

I'm also in the process of trying out a bread recipe. I've fallen in love with the bread they bring you at Longhorn Steakhouse, so I thought I'd see if I could find a recipe close to that. I found one for a 7-grain bread so it's in the kitchen in a half-mixed state as we speak. Um, type. Read. Whatever.

(currently it's in the "rest/rise" state - not what's shown in the photo, so I've got about 40 min to get a shower while the kids "rest" themselves!)

I'll let you know how both of these turn out. Hopefully. If I remember... Hey, I've got 4.5 kids and a house to run and a husband - and you all know how that goes!  :)

Oh, and I finally broke down and tried a copy-cat recipe on Pinterest for the Cheesecake Factory's Oreo Cheesecake. I made it yesterday in honor of "National Cheesecake Day." Who knew that we even had a "National Cheesecake Day?" Apparently every day is designated to a certain food... kind of interesting, although I can't imagine the weight if I celebrated every such holiday, but Oh, wouldn't it be fun? Here's how that turned out:

 I really need to get a regular round pan... although the heart shape is fun...

Seth was a fan...

Kara liked it (she said the crust was her favorite part!)

my slice (didn't last very long)

and Daniel gave it a try, and although he quickly made the cookie off the top disappear, his final verdict was that he really wasn't a fan of cheesecake. But, Seth and Kara quickly finished it off for him, so I guess that worked out okay.

So I guess my point is that while some could say Pinterest is just a big waste of time, it CAN yield good things! So, carry on and pin away! I know I will...


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