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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Oh yes, and also, NEVER take your kids to...

A business meeting with you!

Had one of those yesterday and again, didn't have a sitter. I had to meet a client to pick up some files for a job and discuss what needed to be done. Thankfully, she was incredibly wonderful about it all, and was so pleasant and understanding it almost made me feel worse for having to bring them.

Once again, I'd planned for the two older kids to have their DSs, which they did, and that worked out mostly well. Kara was a bit nosey at times, wanting to see what we were doing or wanting to know what the lady had to drink and asking for food and drink for herself, but mostly she did okay.

Daniel, again, was my little instigator. Bothering Lincoln and then not sharing the goldfish crackers I dug out of my bag to try to keep them both quiet, then dropping some of said crackers in the floor and then acting like a baby rather than use his "big boy words" to let me know he was not happy to have dropped some...


Oh well, I've been very blessed to have clients who are understanding of my having young kids that I stay at home with... hopefully I can continue to do work in such a way as to keep them happy with the finished product enough to continue to tolerate kid-interruped phone calls and meetings!


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