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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Oil-pulling: Day 1

I've heard of the practice of oil-pulling and have been reading up on it and I've finally decided to take the plunge and give it a shot. The premise is that in swishing a high quality, unrefined oil (such as coconut) for 10-20 minutes each morning, you can remove toxins (at least from your mouth-although there's debate among how many and even the potential for pulling MORE toxins from your body) and improve your health.

My main focus is simply improving my dental health. As many who know me personally can attest, I'm firmly in the category of "not a fan" of dentists. That's not to say I don't go, but I'm borderline afraid, and at times have had to have medication to help my nerves before appointments. I also have poor dental health in general, and have had various fillings and more root canals and/or crowns than I care to remember. I often joke with Brian that he should've checked my teeth before asking me to marry him... The amount of money we've spent on my dental care over the years can almost rival the amount we've spent on prenatal care for my 5 kids... and that's saying something!

Anyway, I had some Dr. Bonner's fresh pressed (same as expeller pressed apparently) organic coconut oil in the cabinet and decided to give it a go. Everything I've read keeps saying 10-20 minutes. I figured that was a crazy long time and there was NO WAY my kids were going to let me have that much time "alone" to swish the oil and not be able to respond, but oddly enough I managed 10 minutes without interruption.

Another concern I had was that some people online mentioned that having the oil in their mouths for that long made them want to gag, so I was preparing myself for that. But fortunately, that also turned out to be a non-issue. Other than the fact that coconut oil begins as a solid and it took just a moment for it to "melt" in my mouth, no worries there.

Obviously, I don't expect to really see or feel any results after just one go of it, but I wanted to keep track of how it went and hopefully if I can continue over the next few days/weeks, I'll be able to determine any results I see. After just my first attempt, I don't seem to have any oily residue in my mouth, when I spat the oil out, it was white rather than clear - as all the "instructions" implied it should be, and the only problems I had was afterwards while rinsing (the cold water made a specific problem tooth ache for a bit.) Hopefully I'll see an improvement in the tooth that's been bothering me, and if I'm lucky, maybe I'll also see a whitening of my teeth to boot (another claim some mention as part of the oil-pulling process.)

So, who knows? We'll see how it goes!


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