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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Oil pulling: Day 5

So I've been doing the oil pulling for about 5 days now. I can't say that I've seen any visible change in my teeth, although I do feel as if my "problem" tooth isn't bothering me quite as much as before. Whether or not this is due to the oil pulling, my awareness of the problem and probably "babying" of the tooth, or my use of Doterra's essential oil blend On Guard when brushing, (or a combination of the 3) who's to say. But, for me, the bottom line is: Can I stave off this impending root canal with any of the above mentioned routines?

Guess that remains to be seen, and hopefully between them I'll be successful. Mostly because I REALLY don't want to have another stupid (and extremely expensive root canal) but also because I found out that my dentist's partner has passed away and while they're in the process of bringing in a new dentist, he's doing the work of both of them and is booked through September! Sure hope this doesn't turn into an "emergency" situation! (Although that being said, my dentist is really great at working you in if necessary. This is the same guy that saw me Thursday to assess a tooth and then the very next day on Friday got me in for an "emergency" root canal right before the Christmas holiday. I call that great service!)


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