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Friday, March 11, 2016

2013 to now... only 3 years later!

Okay, so I'll admit it. I was curious, so I Googled myself. There wasn't much of anything there, which is kind of good. But, it brought me back here - and I realized I hadn't posted anything since 2013. So much for my grand plans of keeping out-of-town family updated and what-not. Guess what they say about best laid plans is true!

But, in my defense, it's not like I've had an open schedule in the past 3 years... since then, there's been one more addition to the family, so now we are 7! My oldest has now turned 9, my youngest will be 3 this November. How is that even possible? It may be such a cliche, but it's so true about how the time flies. And it goes faster each year.

Can't say I'll be any better at keeping up here now, but at least I was reminded that once upon a time, I did try my hand at a blog!


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